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The impact of positive online media coverage on your brand’s reputation can be measured in significant increases of return on investment. Wanabo’s digital PR techniques can also rectify damaging negative stories or reviews. Your Google ranking also from benefits from strong stories online placed in high domain authority publications.

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Digital PR
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Quality articles to increase your domain authority and page ranking. High level journalistic contacts across the media spectrum.


High impact press releases and articles placed in specialist publications. Excellent writers raise your brands online voice and profile.


Define who you want to reach and why. Create messages that communicate your brand identity. Measure the ROI effect of your media campaigns.


Connect your brand with your customers in the online media. Short and long campaigns. We prepare you for broadcast media appearances.


Expert techniques that tackle negative stories about your business. High level contacts in top publications. Positive campaign to counter negativity.

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Digital PR adds firepower to your SEO backlinks campaign.
You’re looking to give a boost to your website’s SEO campaign because you’ve heard that digital PR makes you more competitive on a Google search.

Google ranks your website higher if other sites with a high ranking link to yours. This is known as domain authority. 

Achieving this is easier said than done, but this digital marketing agency are here to help. Our experts have the knowledge and specialise in the journalistic techniques that achieve results for our clients. We research, write and place articles in well known publication for you business.

We KILL negative online stories to protect your reputation
Imagine you had a customer from hell. You did a great job for them but they tried to avoid paying you. You had no choice but to take legal action. You win the case but the local online paper covered the story, which is appearing in your search results. It’s not a massively negative story but it’s a bit of controversy you don’t need. It’s messing with your 100% positive online image.

Our PR team are proud to have resolved for our clients stories 10 times worse than the above. We know how the media works and have built the relationships across the media landscape so we can tackle content that is simply untrue or very old so not up to date. We also have excellent tactics for tackling negative online reviews.

we'll help you to tackling negative coverage

A proven track record of press coverage in national media.
You need help from a PR agency to promote key findings of a report you commissioned. Our experienced PR team are highly skilled media operators, who combine the journalistic writings skills with the confidence that ensures your press releases reach the right people in the top media organisations. We analyse your product and develop a story from a newsworthy angle which will maximise the chance of coverage.

Sometimes an opinion article works better if your product isn’t ‘newsworthy’. Wanabo Digital’s PR manager has written many comment articles, which have appeared in the national press. We ensure that you communicate your business messages to your audience through the vehicle of digital media.

 Strategic PR campaigns that add value to your business.
We start by building a relationship with you. We meet face to face the first time to understand your business objectives and target audience.

We help you refine or expand your audience to reach the right people. Your audience is often but not always potential customers. It could also include influential experts in the field in which you work. We craft messages which in simple English communicate what you want your audience to think or feel about your business.

We then identify the type of article we will write and the publications we will approach on your behalf. We guarantee high quality articles placed in the best online publications. We pride ourselves on the impact we make on profile raising, positive coverage and revenue.

Strategic media plan
Raise your profile
with 100% positive online press coverage

Build your profile with articles and broadcast interviews.
Positive online press coverage, which gives your business prestige and boosts your revenue. You know that customers will flock to your business if they see you as a leading voice, whose name appears in the online press. Our PR agency London helps you craft a positive message around newsworthy topics, which grabs the attention of journalists and online editors.

Wanabo works with the best writers and we have the contacts to achieve high impact but focused media coverage. We recommend that profile raising campaigns include multiple articles with repeated messages over a given time frame. We advise you on what is achievable in the time frame available.