How we work

How we work

how we work

Building relations

We meet face to face and spend time to get know each other. You share your business objectives with us and your hopes and dreams. No-one knows your business better than you. We listen, learn and identify risks and opportunities.

Under the bonnet

We analyse the data from your website and social media channels. We consider customer behaviour, navigation click paths, product stats and more. We learn who your customers are so we can design content that connects with them

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Building your strategy

We select the best channel to reach your potential customers. For example, it could be SEO or social media or both.  We draft a strategic marketing plan, which includes your objectives, audiences, messages, work schedule. We sign off the plan with you.

The messages are the idea, feeling, or instruction which we will communicate to your potential customers. 

Every piece of content, no matter how small, will deliver a corporate message. Ensuring a strategic focus, align with your broader business objectives.

Implementing your plan

We assign you a dedicated manager, who commissions your content and schedules the productive tasks. 

We make adjustments to optimise performance when necessary. We provide monthly digital reports or a face to face feedback if you prefer. Every three months, we share with you a detailed performance report.

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Our customers

Building a long term relationship is vital to driven results to our clients. We are honest with them from our first meeting, driven results by analysing data is a continuous learning approach, require updates and integration of new marketing strategies, tools, and technologies to guarantee scalability based on marketing performance.

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