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Social Media

90% of communications happen via social platforms.

Trust us with your social media marketing services and we will drive growth and build your brand.

Social media is where the average person in the UK spends 2 hours per day. Social media is where your customers are. Your business has probably had a go already but it hasn’t really worked. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for help with consistency and quality content, which is what you need to shine online. 

We are masters of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. We devise a strategic social media plan, which is the foundation of your social. We increase your engagement with your customers, which means increased leads, sell products, build your online identity and demonstrate your expertise, all to the right kind of people.

We are proud to create high impact content of all kinds for the pure love of it.

You know the difference between quality content creation and the run of the mill stuff you see each day on your Twitter feed. We produce amazing SEO optimised website-pages, blogs, articles, videos, graphics, images, which are all one type of content or another.

Wanabo Digital’s team also has a business outlook, which informs every piece of content they create. This art-commerce combination is a fruitful philosophy, which we instil in our marketing services. We create a content plan that is natural not corporate‚ which grabs the attention of your customers.

content creation

Content creation

100% relevant, unique, and SEO friendly.

marketing automation


45% of small businesses increase revenue by implementing marketing automation.

We implement livechat and other marketing automation tools for websites, which increase business revenue.

You wouldn’t believe how much easier life is for your customers if they have someone to chat with on your website. If life is easy, they are more likely to purchase your products. We guarantee that you will improve conversion rates, speed in sales processes, collection of data, tracked customers behaviour, and integration with other automation systems. 

We operate a suite of marketing automation tools for websites and social media platforms. We customise Live-chats and conversational bots to help you to be more closely with your visitors, helping you to convert them into customers. We use bots to connect visitors to the right representative, guide visitors to the most helpful content, and scale one to one communications. Email tracking and notification happen automatically, setting up roles and system behaviours.

SEO puts you ahead of the competition, earns you the respect of customers, and increases traffic.

If your business is not seen online it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a fantastic product. If you’re not seen online, you don’t exist. That’s where Wanabo comes in.

SEO is our bread and butter digital marketing service. We jump out of bed every single day on a mission to help businesses succeed. We don’t roll out the same old SEO package for each of our clients. Every business is different. We provide a unique, bespoke SEO service to each client.

We audit your website and design an SEO strategy dedicated to your circumstances. We carefully research your keywords, and optimise your content in unique ways, to develop a winning back link strategy. Our marketing services radically transforms your position online and guarantees increased customer website visits.

Search engine optimisation


We are very proud of our 100% SEO client's satisfaction.

digital PR

Digital PR

30million readers in UK web every day.

Media coverage boosts your profile and repairs your reputation.

You know that press coverage has massive reach and are looking for a digital marketing agency with the skills to run your campaign. We have contacts across the media at the highest level. We’ve achieved coverage in the Daily Mail, Guardian, BBC News, and many local and specialist publications.

We use digital media coverage as part of your SEO strategy. We place articles that push your rankings and increase your revenue. Our team can also tackle negative coverage, including reviews on Google, which can cause panic inside your company. Our London communications agency team minimises the problems you have and plans a positive campaign to counter any negativity.

Google, Facebook or Instagram Ads can reach your customers fast and achieve large ROI. 

An SEO strategy is a powerful tool but if you have no position, and need quick results, you can’t beat paid ads. Short term promotional digital marketing campaigns also benefit from Google Adwords express or social media advertising.

PPC advertising can be tricky to set up and manage. You can lose money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Our digital marketing agency has the expertise on each platform and professionalism to look after your ads budget.

The best digital marketing strategies combine SEO and PPC advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords express. We can optimise your whole digital marketing budget so that you maximise your return on investment across all channels.

ppc agency London

Paid per Click

The essence of Digital Marketing.