Smith's Catering

Implementation of integrated digital marketing strategy

Sales increase from
Google SERP 110%

Customers up 90%
in three months

social media strategy

Social Media

Audience growth
per month 200%


Smith’s Catering are one of the best catering company’s in London. They provide services to top public and private sector companies in the UK, including the NHS. We were already proud to help them achieve a top three position on Google.

They contacted us again for further help to increase brand awareness and optimize their conversion rate (increase revenue) from the above SEO achievements.

City Caterer


We analysed the company’s data and website, as well as its market competitors, and found three areas for improvement. (i) Smith’s had no digital marketing strategy with a plan for customer engagement. (ii) The website browsing experience was poor, which meant customers could not easily find products to purchase. (iii) Smith’s customer base used social media, but they had no consistent social media output and were not using the right channels.


We designed a new data driven website, with customer focused content. We implemented customer relationship management software on the website, which automates sales processes and captures customer data. We installed live-chat assistance and WhatsApp applications on site, as well as pop up ads on landing pages.

We selected Instagram and Twitter as the optimum social media channels for their sector of the economy and designed campaigns for their food menus.

We devised a strategic planning document with objectives, target audience and messages, which would be the foundational document of all marketing operations.


The company generates business exclusively from its search engine ranking page position. Smith’s Catering’s website is optimised for more than 100 keywords, which allows consistent annual growth of 110%. 

High engagement through social media platforms and relevant followers increased by 200% the first month.

The marketing automation live-chat and CRM system allowed sales agents to improve customer experience, which means high engagement and high conversion rate.