Jonathan Mark Garden Design

SEO project to achieve Google first page ranking

SEO website design

Traffic increase vs previous year 200%

Enquiries double
vs previous year

paid per click campaigns

Search visibility
160% increase

content creation strategy

CTR increase by 210% for relevant keywords


Jonathan Mark Garden Design is an award winning company, based in West London. They have an ambitious agenda to connect with tens of thousands of potential customers in the area.

They were looking for an SEO expert to put them on the first page of Google to generate more revenue. Wanabo Digital won the pitch to carry out an SEO audit and undertake any required tasks to rank the website and increase traffic.


Our experts uncovered several problems in the audit, each of which contributed to the poor ranking on Google. The website had several broken links, no hierarchy, no internal links, a lack of content optimisation and poor content overall, as well as the absence of internal links.


We analysed the website’s data, which reveals content engagement levels. The Wanabo team also studied JMGD’s competition, looking at strategies and online authority. We checked their use of online gardening publications, for example which helps the back link strategy.

The team created a content marketing strategy for the website and replaced poor content with landing pages. We used a variety of high level long tail keywords, analytics metrics and SEO techniques to define the content calendar. We built a new hierarchy, redirected broken links and optimised the content, including images, videos, and pdfs. We created a back link strategy to optimise the website for search engines on desktop and mobile devices. The major traffic was from Google, using Chrome and Firefox from both, mobile and Desktop.


We transformed the performance of the business and achieved: Organic website traffic increased by 200% versus previous years. Search visibility increased consistently by 100% versus previous months. Landing pages conversion transfer rates increased by 100% for relevant long tail keywords.  These results have meant an increase in the number of customers by 90% in the first year.