Plus Minus Chartered Accountants

Solved SEO crisis & built content rich website

Our web design and development project

SEO website design

Traffic growth 100%

We removed black-hat SEO and built a new website focused on a local marketing strategy.

website design London

Responsive design

Website and accountancy
guidance content available for download on all devices.

content creation strategy

Local SEO

Optimised for more than
60 relevant local generic
and long tail keywords.

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Our audit of the old site revealed two big problems for us to solve. First, traffic had dropped significantly in the last months and visitors were leaving before they even browsed the services. We concluded that a dated design with poorly written, overly technical content was at fault. Second, Google had banned the website because a previous digital marketing company, without Plus Minus’ knowledge, had used a prohibited SEO technique known as cloaking.


We fixed the cloaking immediately, using our tried and trust technique, because that was seriously impacting the company’s reputation. Thanks to our work, Google lifted the ban, which was great news. We immediately put in place a new SEO campaign so Plus Minus could rank again on the search engine.

We built the new website dedicated to increase traffic and convert more visitors into customers. We created new SEO optimized content, which would resonate with people looking for accountants. Accountancy can be complicated but customers require simple, jargon free answers to their problems. We created a new feel, using language, of helpfulness and supportiveness. We made a video using Plus Minus employees, which gave the business real character. We created helpful accountancy pdf, which customers could download for free.



Web traffic conversions increased by 100% after we launched the new website. Three times as many visitors stayed on the site and explored the services as did with the old site. The website is ranking on Google My Business search for their location in SE London, and it compares on Google search list for a selected group of local keywords. The optimisation of the website includes 40 relevant keywords for a different location in London.