VisitBritain - UK govt tourism agency

SEO success for Spanish language website with 100 million viewers

Our global SEO strategy

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Traffic per destination increase by 20%

SEO website design

Website optimised
for 30 UK destinations

paid per click campaigns

increase 90%


Visit Britain is the national tourism agency, an arms length body financed by the UK government. Its key function is to promote the UK as a holiday destination worldwide through a global network of marketing channels.

They asked for Wanabo’s help to increase page visitors from Spain to the Spanish language section of the VisitBritain website. We had to re-create SEO optimised content for the 30 ‘Best destinations in the UK’.


Our audit identified problems with the content, which had emerged during the translation from English to Spanish. The earlier translation had been translated using an automatic online translation machine, which did not lead to the best outcome. They had also translated the SEO keywords in this way, which meant that the keywords were wrong. As a consequence, the pages weren’t ranking in several regions of Spain. Site visitors and potential tourists were not seeing the site.


We analysed the traffic from to the global English VisitBritain portal for the last three years. This allowed us to understand the target audiences, visitor behaviour, and the Spanish geographical locations with the most visitors.

Our native Spanish speaking SEO experts conducted keyword research for different regions in Spain. They discovered distinct regional differences for how people searched for British tourist activities. This was based on the significant language differences across Spain. We incorporated the new keywords into our content.

We devised a content plan for 30 different UK destinations based on the keywords. We rewrote the Spanish content so that it was snappy, friendly, easy to read for our target audience. 


Nothing makes us more happy than when we achieve great results for our clients.

We were delighted for Visit Britain when the 30 destinations began to rank in Spain and the website site traffic increased by 20%.

The landing pages have a 90% Search Engine Optimisation average score per page and a 87% readability analysis for the Spanish language.