Strategic content marketing for Geneva Motor Show

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WhatCar? is a nationally renowned consumer publication, which sells advertising space to the biggest car manufacturers in the world, such as Mercedes, Nissan, and Ford.

They asked for Wanabo’s help in creating web content to promote the world famous Geneva Motor Show. The event is a huge revenue generating opportunity for WhatCar?


We had to design a content strategy for the motor show blog reports, which would stimulate readers so that they would consume high value ads placed next to the content. WhatCar? The problem: WhatCar? bloggers were car experts but not professional content writers.


Our audit of WhatCar found that its blogs and articles did not have a clearly defined communication message to guide the writers on tone and emotion. Most WhatCar? writers are journalists and a large part of their work was journalism. 

We devised a strategic marketing plan for our work, which included a series of messages that emphasised enthusiasm for the Geneva Motor Show and underlined the prestige and importance of the event. We wanted the content to create a real emotional connection with the WhatCar? audience.


WhatCar? reported an 18% increase of online engagement by vs the previous year of the Geneva Motor Show campaign. They were delighted with the results of the content, which achieved high levels of engagement during the period.

Our content marketing strategy created high value for the advertisers, who were prepared to invest more resources in future WhatCar? campaigns.