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Why is SEO so important for catering companies?

SEO for catering companies is that digital marketing service to put you ahead of your competitors in Google’s search results, and grow your business. For many people, SEO is shrouded in mystery, but it’s so important for catering companies because it makes you visible online. This article demystifies SEO and helps caterers understand why it’s essential.

SEO for catering companies is a powerful tool because it drives traffic to your website and increases sales. It is a series of techniques, which require a mix of technical and creative skills to achieve the treasured top spot. If you’re at the top, 30% of users click on the link to your website. With 2 billion people utilising Google to search online each day, you can connect with untold numbers of customers and grow your business.

What is SEO?

To understand SEO for caterers, it’s useful to know a bit about search engines themselves. When a user enters a search into Google, it searches the whole internet for the most relevant and authoritative web pages, related to those particular search terms.  It firstly ranks the pages based on a constantly evolving set of 200 different measures, including content relevance, length, and page speed.

Additionally, Google checks a website’s authority by counting external links to your website. For example, if you wrote a blog for The Caterer, a well known, online publication, any link from that blog to your site would be counted by Google.  The more, and better, quality links, the higher you will rank. Practically, the search engine is looking for recommendations from sites it already trusts and ranks highly.

Search Engine Optimisation, to use SEO’s complete name, ensures your site is easy to read for Google, relevant for your market, and has quality content to attract external links.

Why use SEO for catering?

I have already highlighted the huge audience potential of Google Search engines, with over one trillion searches each month. With a proper SEO catering strategy, that huge number translates into a big boost for web traffic. With the right website and digital marketing plan in place, you can convert that traffic into skyrocketing sales. Four key SEO benefits for catering:

Stats tell you why you need SEO to get on that first page. Three in four people never look at page 2 of Google search results. Moreover, the first organic result receives 30% of all traffic. Provided your website is quality, SEO should significantly boost your sales.

Why do Google search’s audience have a higher conversion rate than many other channels? Simply put, search engine users are looking for products. They have actively typed in search terms relevant to your products so, on average, a greater number of people click through to your site and buy.

Yes, SEO takes several months when compared with PPC, which has you at the top of the first page in a matter of hours. But the wait is worth it. Some 70-80% of companies click on organic results over ads and, as we know, increased traffic equals more sales.
The prestige or your brand is increased by SEO. Most potential customers, when they see both organic and paid search results, understand that the organic positions have greater levels of trust. A company that has built trust and authority with Google to appear as a top organic result. A PPC result does not carry that authority.

How SEO for catering works for your business

Every business is different so most SEO catering agencies will carry out an audit to see what’s needed to get you ranking. For example, your website could be technically fine but need lots of external links. With a competitive industry like the catering industry, you will need lots of quality content and higher quality and quantity of external links.  You will also need to think about a local SEO for catering approach, which ensure you rank in local markets, appear on Google Maps and Google Mybusiness.

Each of these five key elements of an SEO catering strategy play their part in building the quality, trust and authority of your company’s brand.


No SEO strategy is complete without an audit to understand what a business needs to succeed. Usually, an audit will begin by investigating the website to check whether it already has enough quality SEO optimised content. A technical assessment then checks site structure, page speed and other metrics that affect rankings. Thirdly, a competent SEO for catering consultancy will have software that counts your links from external websites.

Finally, a good audit always analyses your competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses in relation to your website.

Technical SEO

It is incredibly important to make it easy for Google to crawl your website. If your site is not well indexed or has a complicated structure, search engines struggle to find and understand your content. Google also knows that users don’t like slow websites so ranks them less well.

For example, catering companies usually have lots of images of food on their website, which can slow down the site. If you compress the images, you can increase pages speed by up to 80%.

List of reliable free platforms to check your page load speed are:

These Technical SEO tasks form the foundations of SEO – you need these in place before proceeding to other techniques.

Keyword research

A sprinkling of the best keywords for catering throughout your website’s content is crucial to get found online. To achieve this, you have to discover the search terms potential customers use to look for your products. UK Small Business Directory has a free tool to find relevant catering keywords.

With the right software, you can even identify the volume of searches each search term achieves each month. The search terms you identify become your catering keywords for the content.

For example, these are a selection of the best keywords for catering:

  • catering companies
  • catering companies london
  • London catering
  • office catering London
  • London catering companies

Onsite optimisation

If you don’t optimise your website’s content, Google won’t know its topic or purpose. This is where you put the results of the keyword research into action with a thorough plan to place keywords in the relevant content. Important locations to place your keywords are headings, titles, meta tags and image tags.

Link building

Sometimes known as offsite optimisation, links demonstrate to Google that other authoritative websites trust your content. Effectively, content from other sites refer to, and link to, content on your site. But not all links are equal. Every website has a domain authority of 1-100 and you always aim to get links with a high number. You can achieve this through guest posting to the site or by actively promoting your own content to external sites. This requires multiple skills and only a good agency does this effectively.

Sample of niche caterers publications which Wanabo Digital works with:

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These Technical SEO tasks form the foundations of SEO – you need these in place before proceeding to other techniques.
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A great website design is essential to ensure maximum sales from SEO driven web traffic.

As any online entrepreneur knows, more web traffic is not equal to increased sales. The best way to ensure you don’t benefit from more visitors is a badly designed website. Therefore, before you implement an SEO catering strategy you need to have a high quality catering website.

What does a well designed website need to positively impact Google ranking and customer experience? We are not just talking about well designed from a local SEO for catering perspective. Have no doubt, an aesthetically pleasing design attracts users rather than a very drab or incoherent home page. Also, site navigation impacts massively on customer experience. If you can’t find what you’re looking, for how long will you stay on a website?

Here are 7 must haves to make your catering website a great customer experience:


Eye catching, professional design that makes you stand out from the crowd and puts your brand on the map


High quality personalises images, optimised for both speed, search engines, and user views


Communication strategy to  ensure your customers have the final word about your food and services


Highspeed website. You don’t want to wait for ages for your pages to load every time a new user load your pages on their browsers.


Quality and relevant content. Be original, be personal about your food and services through quality content.


Show your authority by showing your Catering Hygienic Rate, Awards, and local partnerships.


Build an externally consistent review system, involving local directories, search engines, and relevant publications to your business.

SEO for catering is a powerful series of techniques, which increase your Google ranking, significantly boost website traffic and send your sales soaring. If you operate in a competitive market, such as catering companies do, you need to have a proper SEO catering strategy in place to ensure your investment ends with increased profits. If not, your plans could go to waste. You should always start with an SEO audit, to see where you’re starting from. Any audit should also look at your other digital marketing channels, including your website.

For further information, check out these blogs from major websites:

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These Technical SEO tasks form the foundations of SEO – you need these in place before proceeding to other techniques.
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