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Social media

Some 44 million people in the UK use Facebook every day. In other words, so many people use social media that all businesses need a presence. However, it’s tricky to identify the right platforms and to know exactly what you want to say. But don’t worry, we have the expertise and are here to help. Have no doubt, we will connect your brand with your customers on the right channels using quality content.

Social media marketing agency

social media strategy

Audience growth

We guarantee consistent follower growth with REAL and RELEVANT people. That means potential customers and experts in your field consuming your social content.


We build relations with your clients onllne. We comment on their content and create two way communication to build your brand and online presence.


We create entertaining content that has value for your customers. Our team works with words, pictures, video, and audio to have an impact on every channel.

Channel selection

Our experts chat with you and choose your channels based on your type of business and where your customers are.

Social media audit

Our FREE social media audit is the 1st step to success
Our digital marketing agency analyses the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy. For example, we check that your brand is visible and that you are speaking in the right language to your potential customers. Additionally, our team assesses social media platforms selection, your audience, the quality and quantity of content, and engagement levels.

Furthermore, we analyse your website data and other marketing information to  identify who your potential customers are. We then compare this with your social media performance to help us identify that your are talking to the right people. 

Finally, we report back to you with our recommendations, which are a plan for action that includes social media platforms selection and targeting, segmentation and positioning. 

A strategic social media plan makes you customer focussed.
A strategic social media plan is fundamental to any successful digital marketing campaign. So many social media marketing agencies manage campaigns poorly because they don’t have a plan. Therefore, Wanabo creates a tailor made social media management plan for each client.

The plan defines what you want to achieve (objectives) and how (implementation) we will achieve it. We also work out what we want to say (message) and to whom we will say it (target audience). Your objectives could be to raise your profile or drive traffic to a particular page on your website. A message could communicate the qualities of a product or your expertise to your potential customers. Every piece of content we produce for you communicates a message to potential customers. We also choose the social media platforms, depending on the demographics of your target audience. Finally, we decide the type of content and the quantity necessary to achieve your objectives.

Strategic plan
Your content plan matter to us
We implement your content plan on a daily basis

High impact content that has value for your audience.
Only a content strategy with quality blogs, videos, images and infographics makes an impact on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn using Hootsuite. But quality content alone is not enough.

For this reason, we are guided by a deep understanding of customer behaviour on social media. Wanabo’s network of expert content creators grab the attention of your audience. We avoid direct marketing techniques, which are  generally less effective than more subtle messaging. Instead, our content marketing services focus on engagement by entertaining or adding value, which warms up potential customers and helps your brand build longer term relationships.

Our monthly evaluation reports provide clear RoI metrics.
As a business, you need to know how effective our work is for your business bottom line. For that reason, Wanabo is open and transparent in how we work. We set measurable objectives for your social media campaign.

For instance, our team measures increased sales, brand building, audience growth and engagement levels for key audiences. Additionally, they track the traffic to your website from your social channels. Moreover, they combine this with Google Analytics reports and provide a clear picture of your estimated return on investment from social media marketing activity. Finally, we provide you with a monthly report of customer engagement activity with all of your social media content.

Campaign evaluation
Our evaluation campaign is based on specific KPI and ROI