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Reach the right people at the right time with targeted social media advertising. Our experts help you increase revenue, traffic, and brand awareness.

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Social media advertising for SMEs

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Why your business needs
social media advertising

With 2 billion people on Facebook daily, social media channels are where people hang out, shop and do business. With the right message, you can significantly grow your customer base. We help you find your audience, create irresistible ads, and control your budget. 

Our paid social services

Each channel is a different cultural space, with distinct audience demographic and content type. Our social media agency finds the right formula for each business that ensures you succeed online.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is powerful for B2C
firms looking to scale. Advanced audience targeting boosts conversions and skyrockets sales.

Instagram Ads

Super high engagement rates mean ads on Insta increase leads. 80% of non business users interact with biz profiles each day.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is where B2B companies build brand awareness. Identify and target key decision makers for any specific business type.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads drive traffic to your website and increase leads. Target the followers of your competitors to grows quality audience.

“Wanabo achieved results for us in a competitive industry – a great partner for any small business!”

Natalie Conroy, General Manager
City Caterers

A case study

Paid Social Media Agency

We helped City Caterers increase leads by 200%.

Social Media Agency in London

An integrated social media strategy allowed us to achieve additional social media marketing benefits.

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Our approach

We manage paid social campaigns in four stages, which ensures efficient use of your budget to maximise return on investment.

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Defining objectives

We align your social media campaigns strategy with your business goals to deliver results.

Target your audience

Our team utilise audience targeting tools to find your potential customers online.

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Creating your ad

We create fantastic ads, landing pages and calls to action, which drive high conversion rates.

Campaign management

Our team have experience to take care of testing, optimisation, and budgets.

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Social Ads vs. Google Ads

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Social's audience targeting tools reach more of the right people than Google Ads.

Social ads are an effective alternative to Google Ads, but they need a different social media strategy. For one thing, the social media audience is not, usually, shopping online. Your strategic approach has to consider that you will be engaging with consumers in their leisure time. Your ad’s message must be subtle, relevant and have value so they engage and respond positively.

The power to reach specific sub groups of potential customers in social media campaigns is one of the social media advertising advantages for business. On Google, you can only target based on age, gender, location and device. On Facebook, you can drill down to individual income and education levels, as well as personal interests such as music taste. You can even target people that have visited your price page on your website.  You could have one ad for male pensioners who never went to university and another for 22 year old female graduates.

More about Social Media Advertising

We manage your social media ads, producing relevant content trough posts, videos, infographics, and tell stories about your business, which maximise customer engagement.

Why an integrated social media strategy is best

You know the value of social media campaigns to your business but you may not know the power of paid Social ads. The challenge is that it is a complicated process to get your head around. If you get it wrong it can eat up your budget with little benefit. We know the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram, which come with powerful tools that allow highly targeting of audiences. More than 44 million people in the UK use Facebook everyday and some 22 million use Instagram.

Our social media agency in London are right on top of an industry, which is constantly shifting. Each channel has its pros and cons for organic and paid reach and those pros and cons are fluid as the platforms are continuously updated. The ideal social media strategy template includes both paid and organic, so that they compliment each other and strengthen your campaign. It can be especially useful when you are starting out and don’t have any followers.